Prof. Kalana Maduwage

Professor in Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya
MBBS, MPhil, Ph.D (Clinical Pharmacology. (Newcastle, Australia), FRSPH (UK)
Status of Research:
64 Scientific publications
Google Scholar Citations: Total no of citations: 1200,
h-index 21
Research interests
Clinical and Experimental Toxinology (snake envenoming)
Randomized controlled clinical trials
Cochrane systematic reviews
Pharmacology of snake antivenoms (efficacy, effectiveness, pharmacokinetics and adverse effects)
Coagulopathy of snake envenoming and toxins
Manufacturing of Snake antivenoms
Isolation and characterization of pharmacologically active compounds from animal venom
2016. CVCD (Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Directors) Award for the most outstanding
young researcher in the fields of medicine, dental, veterinary and allied sciences field in Sri Lanka
10 Presidential Award for Scientific Publications. National Research Council (Awarded by the H.E.
President of Sri Lanka)
Australian Leadership Award by Australian Educational and Leadership Centre, Canberra, Australia.
Global Young Physician Leaders’ award 2016: Awarded by Intra Academy Medical Panel and the
World Academy of Sciences for 20 outstanding young physician leaders in the world aged under 40
years – Berlin, Germany.
Finalist, Aspirin Social Innovation Award, 2016. Bayer Foundation, Germany.
3 Orations
2017. SLMA Oration; Dr. S. Ramachandran Oration at Sri Lanka Medical Association 130th
International Sessions.
2017. Bibile Memorial Oration, 39th Annual Academic Sessions at Kandy Society of Medicine.
2017. KSM (Kandy Society of Medicine) Health Research Prize and the Oration.
Reviewer in 20 scientific journals
20 keynote addresses at scientific conferences
Member of 8 international professional societies

Author of the book, Snake Fauna of Sri Lanka with special Reference to Skull, Dentition and Venom.

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