Dr. Mir Saaduddin Ahmad

Dr Ahmad is on a mission to improve the delivery of Emergency Medicine in Bangladesh. Trained as an Emergency Medicine Consultant and having led the Emergency Departments of Queens Hospital and King George Hospital as Trauma Director in one of the UK’s busiest acute care NHS Trusts, he is now focused on developing the specialty in a country that is yet to recognise it.

As Director of Academic Medicine for Dr Nizam Medical Centre, Bangladesh, he has worked with the Government of Bangladesh to edit a comprehensive manual for the training and strengthening of hospital emergency systems. In his capacity as Programme Director for Doctors Worldwide, UK, he is conducting the Postgraduate Fellowship in Migrant and Refugee Health, which is aimed at capacity building and sustainability by training local doctors involved with the Rohingya Crisis in Humanitarian medicine. Through its DICE project, it is also improving Emergency Care in the camp setting. As part of Dr Nizam Medical Centre and its parent institution, The ZABS Foundation, he is conducting both training and research in the field of Emergency Medicine in Bangladesh.

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