Dr. I’kyori Swaby

Dr. Swaby is a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in biochemistry and completed his EM training at Jacobi/Montefiore EM Residency program, one of the oldest EM residencies in the United States.  Dr Swaby currently works as an attending physician at Saint John’s Episcopal Medical Centre and Coney Island Medical Centre.  He has a special interest in international public health, international EM development and education, as well as critical care medicine. He also works with several NGOs centered in the Caribbean and Africa on EM development.

Summary of Lecture:

Unintentional ingestions in small children can be common events.  Substances that can kill an infant or toddler with even minor exposures should be well known to clinicians because these exposures warrant immediate recognition and intensive management to prevent further toxicity and death.  Learn to recognize lethal toxidromes from common household medications and substances that can be deadly in small doses to children and to initiate appropriate management and antidotal treatment of these patients.